Xerox® Everyday™ Toner


NEW!    Xerox® Everyday™ toner

The OEM quality alternative for non-Xerox printers

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Finally, you can get all your toner from one trusted supplier.

Toner usually comes in one of two extremes – high prices or low quality. 
Original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM, toner supplies are more expensive and can’t be used for
printers from other manufacturers.  With 
Xerox® Everyday™ Toner 
your customers no longer need to choose
between quality and costs or performance and pricing. 



Compatible with most printer brands.

You don't need a Xerox® Printer to use Xerox® Everyday™ Toner.
It's designed to work with most popular printer brands and models.
It will not void your warranty and it comes with a lifetime guarantee
for added peace of mind.

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A new kind of toner designed to work for printers,
people and the planet.

Whatever brand printer you use, choosing generic replacement
cartridges may have serious consequences. Not just for your
device, but for your health and the well-being of the planet. 
With Xerox® Everyday™ Toner, you always know what you're
getting: safe, non-toxic toner that meets or exceeds health and
safety standards and won't harm people or the environment.
So you can always breathe easy.


Quality Guarantee!

Over the life of your customer’s printer, Xerox® Everyday toners will consistently
render text, colors, and graphics — no surprises or compromises.
That’s because all toners are made in ISO 9001 certified facilities to ensure they
deliver consistently. In fact, standardized test methods prescribed by the STMC
ensure your customer can expect quality print output from 
first page to last and
printed page totals that reliably equal or exceed cartridge yield ratings.
Convince yourself and click here and find your Xerox® Everyday™ toner.


Product Safety & Sustainability.

Xerox Environmental Health & Safety holds itself to higher standards of quality, safety, and sustainability than
regulatory limits. 
You’ll find Xerox a step above the rest. 
You will find full disclosure of all cartridge components available at